Speak Life

I’m sitting and patiently waiting for a Right To Life presentation to start. Not a word has been spoken and I’m already extremely blessed. Why? Because the place is packed! What an amazing turnout.

A friend informed me yesterday that more than 60 million babies have been aborted in the U.S. since Roe v Wade. That’s a lot of people that were never given the chance to live their lives or make a difference in their world. I can’t help wondering how many great books were never written, how many loving marriages didn’t happen. The children and grandchildren of those babies were taken with them. I can’t help imagining how different our world might be if…

6 million lost their lives in the great tragedy of the holocaust, 1 million soldiers have gallantly died in all of our wars. But 60 million have been sacrificed at the altar of “convenience” and we all share the shame of this. It’s happening on our watch.

And Now… 2018

We awoke this morning to a new year. This is a day known for new beginnings for many. New years resolutions are promised, only to be soon forgotten. It’s a day recognized as a starting point. Out with the old and in with the new.

I love that as a Christian, one that has been forgiven all, every day is a clean slate. I wake up every morning and instead of resolving to “do better” today, my resolve is to know more today. To know my Savior better when I lay my head down tonite. 

I want to see something in Him I’ve never before noticed, to hear the still small whisper that lets me know He’s ever present, or to feel His touch as He gives me someone to love or comfort.

I embrace each day as a new beginning, because each one is hand crafted by Him. And every morning that He wakes me up into the day He has made, the hunt for treasures begins. The treasures He’s placed in this day for me to find.

Happy New Year to those who don’t know the pleasure of being His. Happy New Day to those who share His joy with me.


Such a big word with so many layers. In 1971, when I first “heard” that Jesus loves me, I would have confidently answered “YES” if asked was I surrendered. Boldly I could stand with arms lifted high and sing “I surrender all” and with my whole heart mean it.

As the years unfold God gently reveals to me unsurrendered places I have safely hidden away. I struggle to release each and every stronghold he brings to light. It’s been a lifelong process that has taught me; I’m never fully surrendered.

This year the gift Jesus has given me is the awareness that by coming to earth He was committing Himself to a life of complete surrender.  He began as a helpless infant entrusting Himself to the care of Joseph and Mary.  He trusted that they would not drop Him. His days spent here on earth were an example to us of total surrender to a loving heavenly Father.

Jesus is the only person ever born that can honestly sing that song.  When I hear it now, I close my eyes and picture Him hanging with arms open wide singing “I surrender all” but I don’t sing along. That honor goes to Him alone.

He paid a debt He did not owe

I owed a debt I could not pay

I needed someone to wash my sins away

And now I sing a brand new song Amazing Grace

Christ Jesus paid the debt that I could never pay!

It’s Almost Christmas

I love the anticipation that is in the air this time of year. I feel it just as I did as a child, only now instead of hoping to receive, my hopes are for others. The greatest gift ever given is the Son of God. He’s the only gift we will never tire of, He will never break, wear out or stop working. He is the perfect gift and once we receive Him the only gift we’ll ever need.

Well Now It’s Winter

According to the calendar it’s still fall but when looking at the thermometer you can see winter has arrived. I’m still in my van and still loving it. It’s becoming easier to say, “I’m retired” in response to the question most people ask. But actually I’m busier than I’ve ever been doing things that fulfill me. Last week I was privileged to help house and feed a Christian band that passed through our area. The unsettled me of the past would have been green with envy and devising ways in my dreams that I could go with them as they drove away. But the me of today is content and loving the life I am living. In Psalm 16 the psalmist says, “the boundaries You’ve placed around me are pleasant.” For the first time in my life I can say that same thing, not only pleasant but make me feel loved and sheltered. The winter season of life is showing itself to be very pleasant indeed.

Fall is here

I haven’t written anything for a while because, well I don’t really know why. When I began this adventure, trying to put pieces together and figure out what my part is in the grand scheme of things, I honestly didn’t know where it would go. I certainly didn’t expect to still be living in my van in October. I had no idea where I would be, but I figured I would land somewhere more sensible when all was said and done.

I’ve had several opportunities to take a job and get back to “normal living” but haven’t been at all tempted. I’m still loving life lived in my tiny space on wheels.

I’m doing things that have been my hearts desire but work always came first. It’s been four months now and I feel like I’m just beginning to truly enjoy it all.

When I set out I expected to arrive at a destination, and I would know that was where I was supposed to be. I found myself constantly watching and waiting for answers. What I’ve found is contentment where I am today. Right here is my destination.

Thanks Irma

If you want time to fly, go on vacation. It seems like a minute after arriving at your destination it’s time to pack for home… unless you go to Florida during hurricane season.

I’m at my sister’s in Ft Walton Beach and watching the approach of hurricane Irma, the slowest moving storm in history, has made it feel like I’ve been here for two weeks even though it’s only been 3 days! .

I’m having a good time. Because of the hurricane our weather here has been beautiful. No humidity, cool days and cooler nights.

I keep saying, “It’s beautiful in Florida, everyone should move here!” I know better, I’ve been here when they’re having “normal” conditions. And when we’re not doing something touristy the weather channel reminds us that millions of Floridians have been evacuated and wait to see how destructive Irma will be on them.

This has been an interesting vacation for so many reasons. I’ll never forget it! And I still have three more days.