And Now… 2018

We awoke this morning to a new year. This is a day known for new beginnings for many. New years resolutions are promised, only to be soon forgotten. It’s a day recognized as a starting point. Out with the old and in with the new.

I love that as a Christian, one that has been forgiven all, every day is a clean slate. I wake up every morning and instead of resolving to “do better” today, my resolve is to know more today. To know my Savior better when I lay my head down tonite. 

I want to see something in Him I’ve never before noticed, to hear the still small whisper that lets me know He’s ever present, or to feel His touch as He gives me someone to love or comfort.

I embrace each day as a new beginning, because each one is hand crafted by Him. And every morning that He wakes me up into the day He has made, the hunt for treasures begins. The treasures He’s placed in this day for me to find.

Happy New Year to those who don’t know the pleasure of being His. Happy New Day to those who share His joy with me.