I Can Quit Whenever I Want

This is the lie addicts use to console themselves when they aren’t ready to admit yet that something has control over them.

Although it’s a lie, it’s also a partial truth. Many addicts are able to control their behavior for a day, a week, a month or even longer when motivated. It’s only when the decision is made to never do something again that we are forced to face the truth; addiction.

If you’re thinking I’m talking drugs or alcohol you’d be wrong. Those are the obvious addictions that torment many, but I’m talking about the thousands of lies we allow to control us.

Recently I was challenged by a dog to adapt. Good word I thought, and then I tried to live it. After a few failure filled days I saw clearly how my inability to adapt was the source of my discontent. I also saw how drawn and controlled I was when allowing myself to be swept away by wrong thinking.

No wonder God tells us to take every thought captive, if my thoughts don’t line up with His truth they are destined to lead to some sort of grief.

Hello, my name is Pam and I’m addicted to wrong thinking.

Author: Pam

I'm finding contentment in all things. Whether in abundance or want, eternal matters are unchanged and that's comforting. I'm closer to the end of the road than the beginning, and what a bumpy road it's been. It took me a while to find joy in the journey, but find me He did. His name is Jesus. 😊

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