Changing Hearts

We sing a song in church;

Change my heart O God

Make it ever true

Change my heart O God

May I be like You

You are the Potter

I am the clay

Mold me and make me

This is what I pray…

This is a simple song that was written in the late 90’s so you can imagine how many thousands of times it’s been sung by probably millions of Christians.  When we’re new in our christian walk, often our prayers lean towards requests that are self-serving; Lord, fix someone else, Lord, make this or that problem go away, Lord, do something to make my life more appealing to me. As we mature in our relationship with Him, our prayers change and begin to line up with His desires for us. But, isn’t it interesting that as new believers, when we learn these songs, God hears them as prayers and He begins doing the very works we sing about.

I was sitting in church last week, singing this song, when God showed me my own ugly heart about a certain circumstance in my life. We always have two choices when that happens. We have the option to agree with Him (the only wise choice), or we have the option to make excuses for ourselves and justify our ugly. “Hey, at least I’m not as bad as so and so, look what they are doing!”

It’s been my experience that when we agree with Him, own it, repent of it, whatever our ugly is… that’s when true change begins. Then He is released to step in and start molding us to look more like Him.

I’m so glad God has these tricks up His sleeve and is able to get me to ask for what He wants for me.

So sing your heart out, make a joyful noise to the Lord.

He’s listening.

Author: Pam

I'm finding contentment in all things. Whether in abundance or want, eternal matters are unchanged and that's comforting. I'm closer to the end of the road than the beginning, and what a bumpy road it's been. It took me a while to find joy in the journey, but find me He did. His name is Jesus. 😊

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