God does His part, always!

I visited a friend that lives in the country today. Standing at the sink as I filled a glass with her wonderful well water, I looked out the window to see a deer. She was lounging on the deck without a care in the world, enjoying the peace of having found a place where sDeer on the Deckhe can relax and be alone.  We have something in common, the deer and I.

You can see in the picture that obstacles were put in place to keep this very thing from happening, but that didn’t stop her. I don’t know how she got onto the deck but my friend said she takes respite there daily.

I’m enjoying the respite my little van provides.  I remember when I made the purchase four years ago, I thought, “I would love to live in this and be a gypsie.”  But there were obstacles in the way, obstacles in the form of responsibilities, debt, fear of the unknown. I’m sure when the deer first saw this deck with all of it’s barriers she told herself, “I would love to be in there, but I don’t see a way.” She didn’t give up, she persevered and today she is rewarded with something none of the other deer can have.

Many people tell me, “You’re so lucky” when I tell them what I’m doing. No my friends, it’s not luck at all. It took perseverance, boldness and a God that loves me and paved the way for this season in my life to happen.  I am very blessed to be living this dream, and extremely grateful that He has provided a quiet little place I can relax and be alone with Him.







Author: Pam

I'm finding contentment in all things. Whether in abundance or want, eternal matters are unchanged and that's comforting. I'm closer to the end of the road than the beginning, and what a bumpy road it's been. It took me a while to find joy in the journey, but find me He did. His name is Jesus. 😊

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