Day two has been glorious!

Waking up thinking you are in one place, only to realize you are someplace much better is a great way to start a day. Coffee made with freshly ground beans, vanilla creamer and my most cherished cup; these are a few of my favorite things.  It was a beautiful spring morning and walking down to the river I felt overwhelmingly blessed.

This is where I sat and listened this morning.

My view was spectacular, as I’m sure you’ll agree.

devos on the river (2).jpgThis picture makes it look very serene and in a sense it is. But what the picture doesn’t show is sound. If it hadn’t taken me three days to figure out how to load these two pictures onto this blog I would be posting a video I took of this very spot, with sound. Just to the right of this picture is Rattlesnake Rapids. It’s called that because it sounds like a whole bunch of angry rattlers. The reason the river goes from peaceful to raging? Resistance.

Just before and immediately after Rattlesnake Rapids the water is content to serenely work it’s way to the Pacific Ocean. There’s no sense of urgency and sitting by the river promotes a sense of peace. If you’re floating the river, these are the places you take your oars out of the water, find a comfortable position and let the water take you along on it’s journey. But when you hear the waters ahead tumbling and roaring you go on high alert and prepare for the challenge of staying upright no matter what the waters throw at you.

As I sat here on day two listening, I thought of how like the river we are. As long as things are going well and there are no obstacles in our way we become content to travel the path we’re on. We maybe don’t pray as much or think about our need for God. But as soon as we sense rough waters ahead we turn our hearts to God, we pray more and even admit that if God doesn’t help us we may just sink.

Obstacles, that’s what make the waters roar. Rocks in the pathway that make the waters seek a different route, tumble and swirl, making their voice heard in the process.

Could it be that when obstacles appear in my life that God is saying, “You need to spend some time with Me, I want to hear your voice.” The next time obstacles appear in my life I hope I will remember this morning at the river and do an inventory of how much time I’ve been spending with the One that made me and never stops thinking about me.  Could it be I’ve become too content and I’m sitting back comfortably with my oars out of the water just letting life take me where it will?




Author: Pam

I'm finding contentment in all things. Whether in abundance or want, eternal matters are unchanged and that's comforting. I'm closer to the end of the road than the beginning, and what a bumpy road it's been. It took me a while to find joy in the journey, but find me He did. His name is Jesus. 😊

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